Sample Ordinances


Bayfield County:

Douglas County:

Iron County:

Dunn County:

Oneida County (see 9.57): click here

Green County: click here

Pepin County: click here

Town of York, Green County:

Town of Sylvester, Green County:

Town of Lincoln, Kewaunee County:

Eau Claire County (see pages 50-54): click here

Manure Spreading, Pipelines, Storage and Transport

Town of Decatur Manure Transport and Application:

Town of Decatur Center Pivot Irrigation Ordinance

Town of Decatur Animal Waste Transport Ordinance

Village of Nashotah Prohibition of Land Spreading/Dispersal of Unmanipulated Animal Manure

City of Delafield Prohibition of Land Spreading/Dispersal of Animal Manure/Animal Waste

Door County Model Land Lease:

Bayfield County Animal Manure and Center Pivot Irrigation Ordinance:

Bayfield County South Fish Creek Manure Management and Storage Ordinance (rejected by DNR and appealed by Bayfield County):

Town of Saratoga, Wood County Center Pivot Irrigation Ordinance:

Town of Saratoga, Wood County Manure Storage Ordinance (gives town inspection authority to protect public heath and safety):

Center Pivot Ordinance -- PDF

Weight Limit Ordinance -- PDF

Agricultural Waste and Process Wastewater Irrigation Ordinance -- PDF

Wellhead and Source Water Protection Ordinances

City of Bayfield, Bayfield County:

Chippewa County:

Town of Little Black, Taylor County

Town of Stetsonville Wellhead Protection Ordinance

Town of Menomonie, Dunn County Groundwater Recharge Protection Overlay Ordinance:

Public Health and Groundwater Protection Ordinances

Town of Saratoga, Wood County Livestock Operation Ordinance:

Kewaunee County Public Health and Groundwater Protection Ordinance:

Bayfield County Large-Scale Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Ordinance:

Bayfield County Human Health Hazards Ordinance:

Bayfield County South Fish Creek Manure Management and Storage Ordinance

Town of Sylvester, Green County Amended Ordinance for Licensing Livestock Facilities & Adopting Additional Standards (rejected by DATCP in summer 2016):

Waushara County Groundwater Protection Overlay District:

Livestock Facility Licensing Ordinance - link to Code of Ordinances for Town of Casco, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin - see Chapter 11, Page 207.

Public Nuisance Ordinance -- PDF

Other Useful Links

Socially Responsible Agriculture Project Kewaunee RAP Sheets:

Bayfield County LSLSC Findings of Fact:

Bayfield County LSLSC Presentation Series:

Dunn County Livestock Operations Study Group Report: click here

Source Water Protection Information:

Safe Drinking Water Act 1431 (page 4):

Property Tax Assessment Lowered Because of CAFO:

2016 Legislative Audit Bureau Report on the DNR's Wastewater Permitting and Enforcement:

Expired CAFO WPDES Permits as of March 2017:

Door County Conservation Farmland Lease

Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Article 6 Notification of CAFOs in the Great Lakes Basin (for more information, click here)