Poopapalooza 2019

Poopapalooza II, "A Brown Tie Affair," was held on Sunday, July 14, 2019. It featured a screening of "Right To Harm," a film by Annie Speicher and Matt Wechsler.

"Through the riveting stories of five American communities, 'Right to Harm' exposes the devastating public health impact that factory farming has on many of our country's most disadvantaged citizens. Known formally as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations - or CAFOs - these facilities produce millions of gallons of untreated waste that destroys the quality of life for nearby neighbors. Fed up with the lack of regulation, these citizens turned activists band together from across the country to demand justice."

Beforehand, we had stations for the kids to learn about the gift of water and how to protect it. We also shared a meal.

Click here to see the "Right To Harm" national map of communities affected by CAFOs and processing plants. The issues in communities affected by CAFOs has grown since these examples were listed.

A panel discussion followed. If you missed Poopapalooza II, watch it on YouTube.